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Right before Thanksgiving, we had our annual Chili Cook-Off where employees make their best chili recipes and compete for the title of ‘Chili Champion’.

(Ironically it fell on the same day as our Biometric Screenings, but all that chili shouldn’t affect anything, right? Just kidding, our screenings finished up before the chili festivities began.)

We had a lot of good contenders this year. Doesn’t it all look delicious?

Overall, we had eight different types of chili. Some were sweet. Some were savory. One had pumpkin seeds to sprinkle on top, and another one even had coffee in it!

However, there could only be one Chili Champ, and after much deliberation, taste testing, second helpings, and voting, a winner was chosen…

Our 2017 Qualtrax Chili Champ is Christopher Wood! Congrats!

Pictured you can see Christopher and some of our past winners. From left to right we have Will Reinhardt (2013), Tim Lawson (2016), Christopher Wood (2017), and Amy Ankrum (2015).

It was a lot of fun (especially eating all that delicious chili) and we can’t wait for the next one in 2018!

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