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Qualtrax is not just a software company. It’s a place with amazing people and a unique, innovative, and accepting work environment.

I know this because I work here! I’m Megan, and I am a Marketing Communications intern with Qualtrax. I can truly say nothing comes close to the warm and creative atmosphere that Qualtrax offers.

Every employee is important to the business. We are an eclectic group and provide a variety of insights and experiences for our customers.

Qualtrax 1st floor

Our employees help make Qualtrax awesome, and it shows. We’ve had an incredible beginning to the first quarter. Just a few days into the third month in 2016 and we have already launched a new website, obtained numerous customers who we are happy to work with, and much more!

How do we do it? It’s simply this: we operate and stay true to our core values along with a lot of hard work. This allows for new additions to the work space, like the game room!

Yes, you heard it correctly, Qualtrax recently reformed a storage space into a game room.

Game room 1

How does this help with productivity though? For us, the game room is tied to many of our core values…

Game room 2Love what you do, because life is short and it should be awesome.

Qualtrax promotes creativity and an open work space for excellent brainstorming methods and collaboration. This lets employees work in the way that is most productive to themselves as individuals. Not all creative ideas and solutions occur as epiphanies. Breaks are needed. We want our employees to truly love what they do. By having a game room, we can give ourselves self-medicated breaks to avoid burn out.

Never stop learning, it is in our DNA.

We never stop learning. We continually look for ways to advance our product and learn about each other in the process. Before work, during lunch, or after hours we have a place to bond, grow, and develop as a team. The game room really allows everyone to come together as one.

Challenge the status quo, to find a better way.

Productivity does not mean forcing an output. Taking a break to talk to a co-worker, getting a glass of water, changing a work environment, or playing a quick game can assist the creative flow and productivity of an employee.

How do you take breaks and refresh yourself?

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