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As we wrap up 2018 and look towards a new year, we would be remiss to not plug hard for adding the Qualtrax User Conference to your 2019 agenda. Attending this event is a “must”! If you are searching for a way to share the value with your supervisor, we have prepared a justification letter for this exact purpose–go ahead and use it!

Since the magnitude of this effort requires the full-court-press from Team Qualtrax we wanted them to weigh in to share insight and favorite aspects.

The value the User Conference provides our team and product is clear. We also firmly believe in the value it provides our customers–as increased customer proficiency is the overarching goal of the event. Carey Sisson, our Project Manager, said, “The Qualtrax User Conference is the perfect opportunity for Qualtrax customers to learn about the power and versatility of Qualtrax.  With the advanced, intermediate and basic training tracks every user, from a newly hired Quality Manager to a skilled System Administrator, is able to advance their Qualtrax knowledge.”

Our team is intentional about crafting tracks and training sessions that will serve our customers well. We ensure they are presented with real life scenarios, encompassing a wide variety of industries, to showcase how to best utilize Qualtrax to meet business and compliance needs.  This downloadable Conference Prospectus gives details about the tracks and includes quotes from past attendees.

Why the QUC?

Not only does the User Conference facilitate increased proficiency of users, we also use the conference as an opportunity to get direct and detailed feedback from customers about how to advance our product forward. Will said:

“Getting their feedback on the product in person is rewarding for multiple reasons. It gives us a better idea of their excitement level of new features, but also visual and verbal cues on how they feel about pieces of the product they might be struggling with. We can’t get that kind of feedback via email only, and receiving it in person goes a long way toward making Qualtrax even better for them.”

We love the feedback our customers provide! We also love the time we get to spend with them.

“Qualtrax User Conference is a great time for customers and the Qualtrax team to put faces to the names of the folks we chat with everyday,” shared Bill Montgomery, our Customer Support Manager. He continued, “We’re able to build relationships and get to know each other.” Our System Administrator, Will Reinhardt shares these same sentiments, “I love the User Conference! It’s my favorite way to make stronger connections with our customers who we don’t always get to interact with face to face.” For him, it also transcends beyond the relational value into future product improvements.

Why the Qualtrax User Conference? After reading all this we think the real question is why NOT!? We are pairing education and training with a whole lot of fun! This year’s event is Super Hero themed and we will soon be releasing our headliner speakers– it is going to be out of this world.

Our early bird rates offer cost savings — register by the end of 2018 to enjoy this reduced cost and an exclusive User Conference themed T-shirt free!

Ready to take your Qualtrax investment to the next level? Register Today!


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