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Aaron Shapiro, CEO of Huge, Inc., a digital marketing company in New York, recently wrote an article titled: Real Innovation is About Solving Problems, Not Having Ideas. Why the best products solve real problems in user’s lives. Here’s a link to that article.

He says that we need to find the right problem to solve, and that finding that problem is the hardest part.

At Qualtrax, one of our primary goals is to make your life easier. We do that by solving problems. 

Shapiro suggest that we should look for problems that solve inconvenience, inefficiency, and inevitability. He also says we should imitate successes in other industries and be able to solve our own problems in the process.

So, let’s take a closer look at those items:

Solve for inconvenience

Let’s face it, in the quality world, it’s inconvenient to comply to regulatory standards. But Qualtrax helps that inconvenience become a success so you can be confident in your compliance, not afraid of audits.

Solve for inefficiency

Look around you. Inefficiency is everywhere. In the government, in Industries, and even in your personal life. While we can’t help with your personal life, we are currently helping government and industry organizations become more efficient through Qualtrax.

Solve for inevitability

You will be audited. We will, too. Qualtrax provides tools specifically designed to help you prepare for those audits and provide items needed during audits.

Imitate successes in other industries

After 21 years in business, we have learned to listen to our customers. You know your industry way better than we do. When you share your industry knowledge and successes, we, in turn, are able to make better software for you. Thanks!

Solve your own problems

At Qualtrax, we use our own product for ISO 9001 accreditation. When we make improvements and advancements in Qualtrax, we are solving the problems we face in our own software. This ultimately makes better software for you.

At Qualtrax, we are constantly looking for better solutions to these and other problems in the Quality Software world for ONE. SIMPLE. REASON: to make your life easier. 

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