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That’s what I first said when our Sales Team told me I would be training one of our newest customers.

Ethos Energy runs the power plant, officially called the Gila Bend Operations Company (or GBOC), in southern Arizona. An awesome independent services company called NAES introduced us to GBOC, and they have worked closely with us as we implement the GBOC system.

I’ve traveled to this neck of the woods several times in my life, and each time I return I’m both in awe and a little scared of how flat everything is. I guess I’m just comfortable in the mountains.

But enough about me. I want to really drive home how this power plant fits into one of our goals at Qualtrax: to make your life easier by helping companies like GBOC provide consistent power to their customers, which might be you. Once they put the power on the lines, it can go anywhere. It might even be what powers the phone, laptop, or computer you are reading this with.

In short, we believe in our customers, and the Gila Bend Power Plant is no exception. Even if it is located in the middle of nowhere.

For the record, there are a couple of other things in Gila Bend, like the Space Age Lodge:

And this cool sign: 


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