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This week we are starting a new feature on the Qualtrax blog: where in the world is Qualtrax?

Ok, ok, I know that Carmen Sandiago, Waldo, and even Matt Lauer have done this before. But they aren’t Qualtrax, right?

Without further ado, I give you our locations over the past couple of weeks:


I was in the Windy City to train the EPA, Region 5 on their new Qualtrax system. While there, I had deep dish pizza and a Chicago dog (no ketchup!).

Jennifer was in Vegas to train Arroweye Solutions, Inc.  She was actually outside the city in Hendersonville, but took a photo of the Vegas Strip:

Meanwhile, Susie was in St. Louis training the St. Louis Metro Police Crime Lab. She got a beautiful shot of the Gateway Arch in the background of this one:

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