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School is back in session, and many teachers asked the age-old question “What did YOU do this summer?”

We thought we’d share what the Qualtrax Team was up to during the summer months …

”I went to New Orleans for TechEd (where they know how to cater to nerds.) I visited Winston-Salem in North Carolina and went to Greece for an international choir tour (see the view from our hotel, below). ” – Karl Speer


“I spent my summer getting my son ready to leave for college and taking care of him after he broke his knee-cap while vacationing in Boston.  He did, however, have a great view from his hospital room.” -Juliann Poff

“I went geocaching at the Roanoke Star (the world’s largest freestanding illuminated man-made star) one night and accidentally got locked in the park because I didn’t realize what time the park closed.  I had to be rescued by Roanoke City’s finest!”  -Jen Mecca

“I visited England this summer (wink, wink). The England section of Busch Gardens counts right?!”

“I also learned how to hang glide in the outer banks of North Carolina! (wink, wink, wink)” –Deanna Felton

“I had a big win at the Newport Fair!” -Amy Ankrum

The whole Qualtrax Team spent a day at the lake celebrating 20 years in business!

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