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It’s that time of year again.

Football tailgating is back in full effect, the temperature is starting to drop at nighttime, kids are back in school, every one of them has a cold somehow, and the holiday season will be here before we know it. This is also the time of year when we reach out to our customers, en masse, to ask you how you think we are doing through our Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey.

We pride ourselves on being an agile and continuously-improving organization, which is why we put such a heavy focus on customer feedback to help guide and shape the product we provide. We are obviously looking for suggestions for improvement to ensure we are working on the things that are most important to our users. However, what you may not realize is that we also review and scrutinize positive affirmations for what we are doing well. We view this as an indication of what we need to protect and further invest in.

Those of you who are avid readers of our Blog and Newsletter content may recall an article we sent out this past Spring called We Heard You Loud and Clear. This post was a follow-up to last year’s customer NPS survey to recap some general themes of the feedback we received and the ways we planned to use it to directly impact our immediate and future focus.

At the risk of sounding like we are shamelessly plugging our hard work this year… wink, wink… I wanted to provide a quick update on what we have been doing since this Spring to catch you up to speed.

Let’s start at User Interface. We made some early, overarching improvements to the Qualtrax login, interface, and general navigation at the start of the year. If you attended our User Conference in 2019, you got an early peek at the new Dashboard module we planned to release in 2019. Well, as of September, the new My Dashboard is live and early customer feedback has been great! Spoiler alert: pieces of the higher-level view, Qualtrax Dashboard, will start hitting the platform soon. Keep an eye out.

There has also been a tremendous amount of planning, including integration of feedback from customer interviews, put into where we focus next on making our interface more engaging and easier to use. The Qualtrax Inbox is the current front runner for where we are likely going to concentrate. We are actively dreaming up and planning what the next generation of the Qualtrax Inbox should look like. If you have suggestions for improvements, or areas of the product you’d like to see redesigned instead, please let us know.

One particular project we worked on this year to help Qualtrax administrators is the User Group Importer tool. This tool is used to provide a bulk import option for adding users or groups to Qualtrax rather than manually entering each user or spending IT/Engineering resources connecting Qualtrax to your HRIS system using our APIs. For more information on how to use this new improvement, please contact our Support team.

It’s probably worth noting that our list of things we want to do keeps getting longer and longer, which is good news from the standpoint that our customers are using Qualtrax in some really exciting ways and wanting more out of it everyday. However, this does leave us wishing we were able to address each of these wants and needs faster. It is for this reason that we have actually invested a significant portion of this year refining our internal operations so that we can offer a more sleek, standardized, and rapid response to customer needs. This has included work across most of our organization, including Customer Support, Product Design, Software Engineering, and more.

The great news is that it’s working! We are focusing on making sure previously-stale areas of Qualtrax are getting attention and staying healthy. And maybe most exciting of all, we’re getting faster everyday. You may have even noticed an uptick in activity on tickets in Aha, or more frequent notifications about new releases being available. As a matter of fact, we are getting so fast that we are even looking at better ways to notify you when there is a new release so that we aren’t filling your email Inbox with constant notifications. More on that to come.

Expanding on Product Health

This year we have made sure that when there is a critical defect or risk that exists in our system, we address it, no questions asked. Also, we have reformatted our process to put a heightened focus on fixing things that need to be fixed before prioritizing new and flashy features. While we will continue to produce exciting new functionality, we will be doing so with the commitment to keep constant attention on the more critical needs of our platform. This brings me to the next area where we have invested a significant amount of time this year: security.

As technologies advance, so do the lengths that mal-intentioned people will go to in order to harm or take other people’s information and property. Here at Qualtrax, we have absolutely no intention of falling victim to these types of attacks and are investing a significant amount of time and energy into making sure we mitigate current risks and implement improvements that directly combat the efforts of anybody who may be interested in doing harm in or around Qualtrax. You may have seen security-related items in recent Qualtrax releases that show significant progress actively being applied in this area. You can expect to see many more to come. As our tagline iterates, we expect you to “Be Confident in your Compliance” using Qualtrax.

This is really just the highlights, but hopefully it gives you a good indication of how valuable your feedback is to us and what we work on next. Please keep an eye out for that survey coming soon. If you love Qualtrax, please let us know and tell us why! And if you love Qualtrax but we still have some work to do for you, please let us know that too! Thanks ahead of time for your attention and thought. Look for me to be back in touch in the Spring with a report of more results and where we plan to focus on going.

CJ Page
VP of Operations

Categories: Product, Support

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