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Qualtrax Users!

We are crazy excited about the 2016 Qualtrax User Conference. This year, we celebrate music of all kinds, and have plans for things like karaoke, playlists, and decade themed rooms. Oh, and there is definitely a disco ball in your near future!

We are continuing the much loved tradition of hearing from Qualtrax customers in spotlight or panel sessions during the conference.

And that’s where you come in.

We LOVE hearing how your company or organization uses Qualtrax to be more efficient and quality focused. Or maybe you can share about how you have become a rock star in your own right and your company has been featured in Rolling Stone because of Qualtrax.

I know some of you crave the spotlight, while others would prefer to be backup singers. You can have it either way. Share your story in a session or join a panel of other customers to discuss an industry topic. Either way, you win:

In return for your participation, registration for the Qualtrax User Conference is FREE! It’s like having a best friend who gives you concert tickets (only better, since it’s Qualtrax).

Customers LOVE hearing from other customers – these sessions get the highest rankings for the conference.

So, get your 80s outfit ready and pack your concert tour shirts. We need you on stage!

Please contact Deanna Felton at 800.755.1875 x 176 or to sign up and get more information.

Whether you’re a Deadhead, a Belieber, or a registered member of the KISS Army, we can’t wait to see you in May of 2016 at the Qualtrax User Conference!

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