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I love hearing how Qualtrax makes a difference in the lives of people working in labs across the country to improve their quality of work and the work they do to benefit society. Some of the most amazing work done in vet labs, for example, is focused on acquiring data which pinpoints animal-related diseases.

These labs are the critical point to protect public health through early detection and support of prevention.  The state, university, and private veterinary labs using Qualtrax tackle critical issues related to domestic pet disease outbreak and major diseases impacting food supply. As pet owners and carnivores, the work done at these labs directly impact us.

So, what has Qualtrax done to impact veterinary labs? We hear so many stories of labs using paper systems, shared folders, Access databases, and many other methods which are not built for a robust, standards-based quality management system. As their programs grow in complexity, these systems can put a lab in danger of corrupting data, losing critical information, and wasting valuable time on paper management.

Here are some things I’ve heard from our veterinary lab customers on how Qualtrax has changed compliance management for them:


At Qualtrax, we all take pride in what we can do for our labs and society at large. Being able to support this infrastructure through providing a tool that makes those doing such important work focus on what they do best versus worry about documentation in a cumbersome system makes every second of work at Qualtrax rewarding.

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