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In this webinar, we heard from Qualtrax Solutions Engineer, Tim Akin, about the new TNI regulations, what they mean for your environmental lab, and the innovative tools Qualtrax has designed to make your life easier. This blog will serve as a recap of the presentation. However, you can watch the full recording here! Tim’s recorded presentation is packed with even more information and includes a rich Q&A session at the end with your peers in the industry.

A little bit about Tim before we get started:

Tim is a former forensic chemist from Nashville, TN, who has worked for two different laboratories that used Qualtrax. He joined the Qualtrax team in 2017 as a Software Trainer and now works as a Solutions Engineer helping prospective customers identify creative solutions for their compliance needs.

In this webinar, Tim takes us through three main subjects. He will:

  1. Address why we designed a new set of Environmental Best-In-Class (BIC) Workflows?
  2. Give an overview of the BIC workflows and how they work;
  3. Explain the added benefits of your lab implementing BIC workflows.

So, let’s start with why.

We designed our new BIC workflows as a service to our existing customers because we know that compliance requirements are always changing! We are always gathering information so that we can create customizable workflows that will help as many people as possible. For our new customers, who may be new to TNI compliance, we want to make sure our eQMS is constantly updated to address current regulatory needs and pressures. We have a lot of conversations with people about their desire for electronic processes for their organizations.

The workflows we created.

The BIC workflows were designed directly with compliance to TNI in mind. Here is a list of our workflows with the compliance requirements that it addresses indicted to the right:

  • Nonconformance Report (4.9)
  • Corrective Action (4.11)
  • Audit Management (4.14)
  • Vendor Approval (4.6)
  • Equipment Maintenance with Scheduler (5.5)
  • Customer Complaint (4.7.2, 4.7.3, and 4.8)
  • Demonstration of Capability (V1M3-7 1.6.2 and 1.6.3)

In the webinar recording, Tim goes into depth on the specifics of these workflows and explains how they address the requirements in the standard.

These workflows will serve as a strong foundation for your organization and will help you address the complexities of the standard. Each of these workflows is designed with the requirements of the standard at their base but are coupled with the ability to capture the necessary information to help you demonstrate compliance during an assessment.

Again, you can view each workflow in detail by watching the recording. We also have a short description of each listed on our website. You can access it here!

Tim also laid out the benefits of implementing process automation and an eQMS in your organization.

Some of those benefits include:

  • You receive a ready, out-of-the-box system that is configurable to your lab’s unique needs;
  • Automating your processes minimizes variability and ensures that correct details are entered at each step;
  • Our BIC workflows directly address TNI pressures;
  • You will have a single, centralized repository for ALL Quality System items;
  • And you’ll gain visibility through our simple reporting modules and detailed dashboards.

Interested in learning more?

If you’re a current customer and you’d like access to these workflows, reach out to the Qualtrax support team! The new workflows will also be on the customer support portal complete with install files, the diagrams, the design files, and a user guide to install and configure them.

If you have more questions and would like to know more about the workflows and ways we support TNI accreditation, you can schedule a call or free trial here!

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