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Time to Suit Up

“GOOD IS NOT A THING YOU ARE. IT’S A THING YOU DO.” —MS. MARVEL #5 by G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, Ian Herring, and Joe Caramagna.

Are you ready to suit up?

We are beyond thrilled to reveal the secret identity of this year’s Qualtrax User Conference. Grab your capes, don your masks, and ready your hearts to fight for justice and truth: Welcome to the Qualtrax Super User Conference!

We believe that those working in quality and compliance ARE superheroes. Just like Superman manages to save the day–and the world– those in Quality Assurance have the uncanny ability to swoop in, save the day, and ensure the products and services of an organization are the very best they can be. These heroes work everyday to ensure their communities and consumers are kept safe and healthy, exactly like any superhero of Marvel or DC would do.

Individually, we’re helping our communities. But imagine the possibilities when we come together and form a team. That’s what this conference is about: bringing our heroes together in one place, at one time, to create the greatest team of compliance super heroes this galaxy has ever seen.

Our User Conference unites the things we love the most; our customers, our team, our product, and our home. Experience two days of product training, industry presenters, accrediting bodies, focus groups and industry roundtables. Meet your fellow compliance managers and quality experts, meet your loyal Qualtrax sidekicks and mentors, and connect with industry leaders from across the country.

So what can you expect when you step into our Fortress of Compliance? You’ll be inspired by other Qualtrax customers, and will be able to pick their brains for how they’ve customized Qualtrax systems to fit their individual needs. You’ll schedule one-on-one time with Qualtrax team members to have your unique questions answered. You’ll participate in hands-on demonstrations to learn the product inside and out, with a dedicated Qualtrax professional there to guide you. You’ll get to socialize with your contemporaries, and meet industry companions from near and far. Over the course of 2 days, you’ll receive over $10,000 worth of training and invaluable networking opportunities. If that isn’t a super opportunity, we’re not sure what is.

Answer the call of Qualtrax. Follow the beacon to Blacksburg, Virginia, and join us at the 2019 Super User Conference. Register today.


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