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At Qualtrax, we use the best tools and the latest technology to continually improve our software and working environment. We are always searching for new tools to help us help you.

The tools we use fall into these four categories: 

>Project Management<

>Setting Expectations<

>Customer Satisfaction<

>Product Innovation<

Although we use the tools below to help us write and manage software, I’m sure you can find a great use for these same tools in your organization:

  1. Project Management: A project manager’s dream! Trello makes it easy to organize anything with anyone. Trello lets you create, share, and manage projects with teams. All updates occur real-time so visibility and accountability possibilities are through the roof. Our Qualtrax teams utilize Trello to manage our implementations, special support and development projects, and marketing department tasks. It is a fun and easy way to visually organize your important stuff plus keeps us on schedule.
  2. Setting Customer Expectations:  We always want to make sure we are available when you need us. Acuity Scheduling is a web based tool allowing you to book appointments online, on your own, at anytime, from anywhere in the world. The Qualtrax support team uses Acuity to push out support technician availability. Today we offer session sign-ups to conduct customer upgrades and have plans to expand our offering to other types of support incidents. The benefits are awesome; eliminating phone tag, ensuring we never overbook, and getting to you quickly.The support team uses help desk software called Axosoft which gives the team the ability to track, resolve, and report all tickets. We also have the ability to tag incidents to features/defects which helps us prioritize by customer need.
  3. Customer Satisfaction:  We like to make and keep our customers happy! One way we do this is by listening to your needs through our user forum on our support portal. We also like to keep everyone in the loop by sharing FAQs, knowledge base articles, release notes, and product roadmaps. All of this information (and more!) can be found on our support portal, which is created through Drupal; an open source content management platform.We also like to receive feedback about our services. Both our trainers and support technicians utilize Wufoo to send customer surveys. Wufoo is a web application that helps build amazing online forms. It is super easy to use; allowing us to build templates, instantly send, and report against the results.
  4. Product Innovation:  We like to create great software! GitHub is a powerful collaboration tool used by our software engineers to check in their code, conduct code reviews, and meet sprint commitments. It also gives the engineers a place to collaborate with other engineers world-wide which we think is darn cool!

Do you have tools you think we could use? Contact us!

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