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Qualtrax Referral Program

One of the best ways we can spread the word about Qualtrax is by turning to our biggest fans – our users – and asking for some help! If you have a colleague or friend – maybe even a vendor you work with – who could really use a strong quality management solution, we’d love to meet them.

Of course, we wouldn’t ask for a favor and leave you empty handed!

If someone you refer to us attends a demo, we’ll send you a $50 gift card! If your referral winds up buying Qualtrax, you’ll receive $300 in cash! Make it raaaaaaaaaain! (But not really, we’ll send you a gift card rather than a stack of singles.)

Check the fine print at the bottom for rules and eligibility. We promise they’re brief.

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Program Rules

  • Your referral must attend a demo within 45 days of your form submission to earn the demo bonus.
  • Your referral must submit a purchase order within 12 months of your form submission to earn the purchase bonus.
  • Your referral cannot be currently or previously engaged in the sales process with Qualtrax.

That’s it! You can submit as many referrals as you’d like.