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As we continue to expand and grow, we would like to introduce you to Terry Schurter. He’s joining Qualtrax to focus primarily in the Energy Market, where he has years and years of experience.

Terry wrote this introduction:

Me and D“Hello everyone! My name is Terry Schurter and I specialize in developing Controls for NERC Compliance. The utilities in our country are under a lot of pressure to stave off an ever-growing mountain of cyber-security attacks… while maintaining an effective, reliable utility operation at the same time. It’s a challenge most would run from in dread.

There are, however, things we can do to ease the burden. One of those is to simplify the act of being compliant. Putting it another way, people must have less to do and what they do must be easier. In the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci who is quoted saying, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” I hope to bring much of that sophistication to NERC Compliance. It is, indeed, a worthy cause.

It’s a challenge I know well, and one I have spent countless hours on; sometimes finding new answers, sometimes learning new questions. We’re getting smarter though, all of us. Sometimes by trial and error, other times by moments of magic where we assemble information the right way to create new insights. The more we try, the better we do, the smarter we become, the better answers we find.

So to cast the die, the goal in 2017 is to find enough better answers that it actually makes a difference, and it truly becomes a bit easier for utilities do their thing, because in my opinion, keeping the lights on is priority number 1!”

Join us as we welcome Terry to the Qualtrax Team!

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