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Alika Thompson is the Quality Systems Administrator for RMB Products, which provides rotational lining, rotational molding and 3D printing for the aerospace, biopharma, semiconductor and chemical industries.

In an organization of this size, it’s likely to have a few people who still aren’t quite comfortable with technology. Qualtrax makes the transition to a paperless system much easier.

“I would really recommend Qualtrax because of the ease of use,” Alika says. “It’s really user-friendly. It’s pretty. It’s laid out in that modern feel that makes users who aren’t really computer savvy or computer comfortable feel like they are able to use it without having to learn a whole lot of technology.”

In addition to its ease of use, RMB Products has found the flexibility and configurability of Qualtrax’s unique workflow builder extremely valuable in streamlining processes and making the workplace much more efficient.

“I developed a workflow that allows the engineers to communicate with production and quality about what our customers needs are without having to update a whole bunch of different work instructions, SOPs and work orders,” Alika says. “We used to have a lot of that information in different places, so when something would change, three other documents had to be changed. Now, when the document changes, they’re literally using the workflow as the document, which updates every time the spec changes, so the information is always accurate, there’s no down-revs because we literally overwrite it, and there isn’t anything floating around that might be accidentally referenced that isn’t accurate anymore.”

This has really freed up the engineering team to focus on their primary objectives.

“The engineers can now focus on one thing at a time and move through it instead of having to suddenly stop and be interrupted by quality or production to answer a question that maybe didn’t get fully answered on a work order or inside of an SOP,” Alika says. “Now it’s like having an engineer squared because they’re able to just keep going and going instead of running in little circles.”

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