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Caitlyn Scaggs, Chief Growth Officer at Polymer Solutions, shares her experiences working with Qualtrax and how it has helped her company be more effective in the lab industry.

“We are a chemical analysis and physical testing lab that services globally top medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The work we do ensures the devices and drugs used are safe for the human body and will perform as expected. We also provide testing when these devices fail and the root cause must be established.

Since this work is so high consequence, and literally hang in the balance, we need robust compliance software to ensure we are documenting the work we do and can prove the reliability of our results. Qualtrax is that software for us.

It allows us to say what we do and do what we say, it creates accountability and excellent documentation practices. We not only love the product itself but the people that create and support it.

In all of our experiences, the Qualtrax team has been wonderful to work with, in that they are responsive, friendly, and fun.”

Hear from another employee of Polymer Solutions, Cynthia Rancourt, about how Qualtrax has helped her company succeed.

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