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Emily Walter is a quality tester at JusticeTrax, Inc., a leading developer of software tools for forensic labs and provider of information services for law enforcement agencies worldwide. The organization has 30 Qualtrax users. JusticeTrax and Qualtrax are currently working on a collaborative project to integrate JusticeTrax’s LIMS system with the Qualtrax QMS.

The organization adopted Qualtrax after several former Qualtrax admins joined the company from other laboratories. With a team of pros who love the Qualtrax system, it only made sense for JusticeTrax to adopt the system as well.

“We had a legacy system that had been organically created over time that wasn’t very conducive to some of the newer employees who were being brought in,” Emily says. “We also, in a short span of time, had several former Qualtrax admins come and join the company from other laboratories and we were all asking the same question, ‘why aren’t we using Qualtrax?’”

JusticeTrax finds value in having all of their data available in a central, easy-to-navigate data repository.

“The most valuable asset is that it’s a centralized repository,” Emily says. “It makes everything incredibly easy to find. It’s very easy to incorporate more things than you would think possible into the one system. The other thing is just getting rid of the forms and simplifying the processes. It makes it really easy – especially for audits and assessments.”

As far as return on investment?

“There are honestly just too many ROIs to name,” Emily says. “The majority of the ROI that I did notice dealt with moving to paperless. When you’re working for a government organization, you are bogged down by a lot of paper requests, that have to go through two and three people … ‘we have to fill out this form, and then I have to get the form and review it, and then I have to sign it, and then I have to send it back to the person, but also copy our office manager, and do all of these things and notifications and make all these copies….’ If you put that in a workflow, it’s a two-state workflow with two email notifications and you are done! It tends to greatly reduce the steps in addition to reducing the paper itself. So something that previously had to pass hands six or seven times can go through two or three states and then be there in perpetuity. You never have to worry about whether the record is kept or not because it’s all in the system.”

Categories: Forensic Labs, ROI