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See how the Indianapolis-Marion County Forensic Services Agency facility is using Qualtrax

The Indianapolis-Marion County Forensic Services Agency (Crime Lab) provides forensic services and support to all law enforcement agencies in Marion County. These services include: responding to scenes of death and violent crimes against persons to collect and preserve physical evidence; evidence collection and preservation from decedents at autopsy; analysis of controlled substances; analysis of suspected accerlerants; blood alcohol testing; hair, fiber, and other microscopic comparisons; serological and DNA analysis on suspected blood and other bodily fluids; firearm and toolmark comparisons; handwriting, typewriting and other documentary evidence comparisons; and, fingerprint development and comparison. Crime Lab personnel has more than doubled over the past sixteen (16) years to the current staff of fifty-two (52) Forensic Scientists and Specialists, each of whom possess extensive training in their various areas of expertise. Over this time frame, the caseload has increased from approximately 3,700 forensic analyses in 1986 to over 10,500analyses in 2001. Additionally, the Crime Lab provided crime scene and autopsy support in over 3,500 cases in 2001. The Crime Lab’s role in the investigation does not end once the evidence has been collected and analyzed. Detailed reports are prepared to inform investigators and attorneys about the work done and examination results. Crime Lab personnel then meet with investigators and attorneys, and ultimately, provide testimony at trial to explain their findings, when the case demands.

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