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Bryan Szpunar is the operations manager for DCL Pathology, an independent lab specializing in anatomic and clinical pathology, as well as other specialty areas including cytopathology. The organization currently has 26 Qualtrax users.

“I think one of the really big benefits that we’ve had from bringing the system in is ease of use,” he says. “Qualtrax makes doing the work [our pathologists] need to do in terms of staying compliant easier and more accessible. I think that was a big part of getting buy-in, but also a big part of actually using the system instead of bringing in a big system that nobody actually knows how to use or doesn’t log into because they don’t like it.”

The greatest value that DCL Pathology has found may be in something that Qualtrax allowed them not to do.

“With Qualtrax, we’re mitigating needing an extra [full time employee] of personnel,” Bryan says. “And that’s not a low-level FTE either, it’s much more of a leadership level. We’re able to utilize several of us who oversee quality rather than having an entirely different department dedicated to that.”

For a smaller lab, the cost of any new tools or instrumentation is always carefully weighed against the proposed benefits. Qualtrax provides an affordable solution that allows smaller labs to acquire a powerful tool to help manage compliance.

“I think there was a sense at our organization that compliance software, document management software in the past was way unattainable for us, that we’d never invest that much money to go off of paper into something electronic. It was very attainable in terms of getting on a subscription-based model, getting our foot in the door and getting started.”

Another benefit to the Qualtrax system is the speed with which organizations can go live with their instance. Implementing a software-based quality management solution shouldn’t feel like a monumental task and Qualtrax has a dedicated team to helping organizations get up and running quickly.

“Where Qualtrax shines is implementation. We were up and running, from start to finish in three or four months,” Bryan says. “Because we do professional services, we see other document management systems that have taken a year, two years, three years to roll out. And granted, those may be larger organizations, but they’re not doing anything that Qualtrax isn’t doing. In terms of going live, the implementation is just fantastic with Qualtrax.”

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