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Michael May is a quality engineer with Cornet Technology, an innovator in C4ISR solutions, delivering tactical communications in audio, video, voice and data to the US military and first responders worldwide. The team at Cornet has been using the Qualtrax system since 2004. They currently have approximately 80 users in the organization, which is accredited to ISO 9001:2015.

Cornet Technology has expanded the use of its Qualtrax system to fully take advantage of the customizable workflow functionality the platform offers.

“What Qualtrax brings to the table – sort of the engine in quality management – is the workflows. Qualtrax workflows are extremely user friendly, both on the builder side and on the part of the end user.”

One of the most successful workflow instances employed by Cornet was custom-built by Michael to help manage the organization’s RMA process – the process through which customers return product back to the company. Streamlining this process through automation has saved the business an average of $60,000 each year since it was implemented.

Even with the significant cost savings and ROI generated by workflows, and the traditional system benefits like document control and testing/training, Michael believes the greatest value of the software lies in the transparency it provides to leadership.

“To me, the most valuable return on investment is the ability to give key leaders reports that are realistic, leave guess-work out, and are provided in real time. They can get these reports minutes, hours, weekly – whenever they want.”

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