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Rhonda Banks is the Quality Manager of the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), where they have 65 Qualtrax users.

“We chose Qualtrax because it has the ability to manage our operations on several different fronts. It does document control for us in addition to allowing us to automate some of our processes using the workflow module as well as tracking the training of our staff.”

ANAB has used Qualtrax to change the way that they  provide access to documents for their staff and assessors. Through Qualtrax, documents are accessible even when people are travelling around the country or on-site at an assessment.

But Rhonda’s favorite part of Qualtrax has to be the workflow capabilities.

“[The Qualtrax workflow functionality] really provides the flexibility that we need to automate pretty much any process that we have in our operation, and we don’t have to fit the operation to the product, we can make the product fit our operation.”

ANAB also uses the testing functionality of Qualtrax to incorporate acknowledgement features into their document releases, which allows both acknowledgement that employees have read and understood a policy, but also has the option of testing on the content of the policy to ensure that people understand the changes.”

[…] if it’s something important and we really want to make sure that people have understood the issue, we can incorporate that into the test and then we have easy documentation of that in a reportable format.”

Rhonda gives high marks to the Qualtrax product for ease of use and flexibility for the needs of her organization, and to the staff for being responsive to the needs of ANAB as a customer.

“One of the things that I really appreciate about the Qualtrax staff is that they are always willing to listen to the unique issues that we have in our organization and to try to help us to craft a unique solution for a unique problem.”

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