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The data generated through Qualtrax workflows is what your key leaders are looking for. They’re getting reports that are ten times more robust, and catered to data that they need to make key decisions that just aren’t there in the preexisting paper form.

Michael May Cornet Technology

With Qualtrax, we’re mitigating needing an extra [full time employee] of personnel - and that’s not a low-level FTE either, it’s much more of a leadership level. We’re able to utilize several of us who oversee quality rather than having an entirely different department dedicated to that.

Bryan Szpunar DCL Pathology

I’ve never had a beating-my-head-against-the-wall Qualtrax moment, which is a lot to say about a software!

Alika Thompson RMB Products

The biggest return on investment for us is going to be the time. Because of the fact that our procedures need to be signed off and approved by many different people, it’s been very difficult to get that done with hand signatures - it takes a significant amount of time - so going to this automated, electronic system will help tremendously.

Kyle Shultz Cellular Technology, Ltd.

Qualtrax has made the gap analysis process in terms of audit preparation a lot easier. It probably reduced our audit prep time by 75-80 percent.

Bryan Szpunar DCL Pathology

The most valuable asset is that it’s a centralized repository. It makes everything incredibly easy to find. It’s very easy to incorporate more things than you would think possible into the one system.

Emily Walter JusticeTrax, Inc.

We chose Qualtrax because it solved so many of our pain points and issues that we have in the lab.

Eric Davis Austin Water

My personal experience with Qualtrax has been very positive. I found the product very easy to learn. It’s been easy to use. It’s extremely flexible for our organization, and it’s provided us with an opportunity to automate our processes in a way that has allowed us to simplify and to provide access to things in many, many locations at the same time.

Rhonda Banks ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB)

The number one way Qualtrax has simplified our organization is the document control process. It used to be a manual process with a lot of paper, a lot of chasing people around to have them sign things, and now with the Qualtrax software, it’s just a lot simpler to track the document changes and track that all the documents are going where they’re supposed to be and everybody is trained on them.

Jason Hodges Pinellas County Forensic Laboratory

The feedback from our staff was immediate and awesome! They were very excited that we no longer had paper and we didn’t have to shuffle things from one person to the next.

Rene Bennet Alpha Analytical

We work collaboratively with ANAB to provide educational resources, webinars and more to various testing labs across the country.
[Qualtrax is] not only a document control system but anything that you do in your laboratory or your business that you can chart out on a piece of paper, you can do in Qualtrax.

Mindy Raines Scottsdale Police Department

Used to be you’d have to go through all these notebooks, produce all these big files full of information to lay out on the table and you definitely were going to miss something. So now when it comes audit time - piece of cake!

Isis Mangum-Ward Continental Carbon

It’s been a love affair with the system.

Ken Gill Wal-Mart

My favorite part about Qualtrax is being able to access documents that any of our departments have created with just the click of a button.

Brian Bledsoe McKee Foods

[Qualtrax has] simplified what we do very much.

John Sieweke Alabama Power

The way in which Qualtrax has saved us much time and a lot of money is that we do all of our training through it.

Timothy Schilichting The Reynolds Company

We have so many things we can improve with our system.

Carin Campbell ATCC

Qualtrax has given CRL a versatile platform that allows us to administer our QMS program. I can customize absolutely everything!

Kimberly Erin Clinical Reference Laboratory

It’s very simple to use, very logical.

Jai Groce Arkansas Livestock & Poultry Commission

In 2 weeks, we were fully operational with Qualtrax.

Cindy Moran Arkansas State Crime Lab

My favorite part of the Qualtrax system is the user interface because it actually gives me multiple options in terms of accreditation as well as linking documents to standards.

Michael Kuhn D.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Literally, I gave my team 30 minutes of training, and after that, they were ready to use the system. Everyone saves time with Qualtrax, because it is so easy to access and change.

Clint Thomason Colorado Bureau of Investigation

The main thing Qualtrax has done really well for our organization is the simplification of getting procedures reviewed, re-validated, and back out to the public state because that was a nightmare for everybody in a paper state. We have been using Qualtrax for over 12 years now.

Addie Pinkston SABIC Innovative Plastics

Qualtrax has simplified many things for our organization, but what it has done most for us is provide ready access to information. So, information that may have taken us days and days to compile in the past is now available to us with the click of a mouse.

Susan Howe Tarrant County Medical Examiners Office

When we first implemented the system, I counted how many clicks it took to approve a file; we went from 17 clicks to 1. It’s pure bliss.

Paula Rumsey J. Rettenmaier USA

In all of our experiences, the Qualtrax team has been wonderful to work with, in that they are responsive, friendly, and fun.

Caitlyn Scaggs Polymer Solutions, Inc.

Qualtrax has an excellent system for reviewing and approving documents; that was essential to ASR. We also liked the ‘expire for review’ setting – a function we did not find in the other packages.

Martin Day Personna American Safety Razor

Anything that we’re not required to have on file as a hard copy is stored in an electronic format in Qualtrax. We’ve practically emptied out our building. Our lab has space!

Lynell Benoit Southwest Louisiana Crime Laboratory

With Qualtrax, there is no doubt we will be ready when audit time rolls around. It is all right there, the latest documentation, revision control, the works.

Chad Geyer Velocys, Inc.

Qualtrax allows us to communicate better. When we've increased communication, we've also increased efficiency.

Stewart Raley Arizona Department of Public Safety

[Qualtrax has helped] with our master document list. I no longer have to remember to go into a spreadsheet and make those changes myself, and it has eased my responsibility of sending out those email reminders to individuals.

Stacey Wilson Western Maryland Regional Crime Lab

Since using Qualtrax we have reduced our non-conformances to various standards considerably.

Darryl Woolsey SABIC Innovative Plastics

For auditing purposes, you're flawless!

Tommy Bottoms LifePoint, Inc

The Qualtrax technical support team is spectacular. They're absolutely wonderful....I would recommend Qualtrax because everything is documented, it's in one location, and it really takes out variation in your processes.

William Vanover Radiator Specialty Company

I believe Qualtrax would probably be best served for all companies that use a final product that they sell to a customer.

Bill Loehr ASARCO

Qualtrax was adopted easily by our company. Before, when we had paper documents, we had to go through filing cabinets or find someone that would have the answers or point us to the right location. Now we can easily search for key information in those documents as well as workflows.

Jason Blevins Star Dynamics

We no longer have issues maintaining consistent records, so now we focus our resources on perfecting our process...The most significant savings that Qualtrax has presented to STR-R is in resource and human time.

John Grauso STR-Registrar, LLC

As far as the user interface, I spent about 30 minutes with people going over the basics and they were off and running.

David Kuhlmann Velocys, Inc.

Just about every department in our office benefits from Qualtrax. We track documents, track processes, keep trainings up to date, and follow workflows to make sure our processes are complete from beginning to end.

Rick Caffrey Aeroflex High Speed Test Solutions

Qualtrax is as normal as breathing for our 500+ employees. Qualtrax is definitely a good product, especially for a community hospital. It will help anyone who wants to eliminate paper from the workplace.

Cheryl McCart Newton Medical Center

I couldn't do my Quality Manager job without Qualtrax. Document Control and automatic training reminders keep me on track so I can focus on other important tasks.

Lindsay Shalz Kansas Department of Agriculture

I can already say that Qualtrax staff are knowledgeable and responsive, and very pleasant to work with. They’re excited about their product, and it’s infectious – I can’t wait to get started!

Kristin Dohrer Illinois Department of Agriculture

We are a lean organization - constantly trying to improve our processes while cutting away the waste.

Jim Todaro Alpha Analytical

Zero non-compliances in our audit! A big thanks to Qualtrax for that. This was the first year since 2009 in which the lab was granted an unconditional recertification meaning there was not a single non-compliance found. As a bonus, the auditor made many favorable comments about our lab technicians, concise SOPs and comprehensive use of Qualtrax.

Matthew Patton Cashman Fluids Analysis

I did zero [audit] preparation.

Nicole Duffy Rhode Island State Health Laboratories

We have been very pleased with the cooperation between Qualtrax in getting us installed, implemented and trained along with our consultant in helping with the content of our policies, procedures and outlining our processes to ensure we are capturing the right evidence to support our compliance.

Scott Woodby Midland Cogeneration Venture

The Qualtrax implementation and training team that came to our laboratory to get us up and running was phenomenal. The support that is behind the person or team that comes into the laboratory to train us on Qualtrax is unmatched by any other company I've ever seen.

Brenda Keller Indianapolis-Marion County Forensic Services Agency

Before we used Qualtrax, we had files in filing cabinets or files on our y-drive. Thanks to Qualtrax, things are much easier because everything is in one location.

Marnie Wernet Aeroflex Incorporated

We would not be able to work for the clients that we work for if we did not have Qualtrax. Qualtrax makes us look like a big company—when we've been inspected by our customers, they're very impressed by the high-level of compliance we're able to illustrate through the use of the Qualtrax system...they consider the system very robust, and we would agree with that.

Cynthia Rancourt Polymer Solutions, Inc.

Qualtrax has simplified the workflows we use on a daily basis as a quality department. Workflows have enabled us to take the paperwork from the desk and put it into the system so we can ensure things are done in a timely manner. Our HR department has also decided to utilize workflows.

Jessie Starnes Tip Top Poultry, Inc.

Qualtrax is invaluable in maintaining our document control and was an integral part in our achieving compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard. I am confident that we will be able to continue to improve our quality system in the laboratory.

Laurette Rapp Acadiana Criminalistics Laboratory

Qualtrax has helped reduce time it takes to be ready for an audit. I can now go in and do reporting by department...and have it all ready in a report for the auditor.

Timothy Schlichting The Reynolds Company

We've been able to pay for Qualtrax by having a reduced number of non-conformances in our audits. A lot of companies, when they have non-conformances, it takes a lot of time and effort to go back and correct those, and by stopping, or not having them in the first place, it's saved us a lot of money.

Steve Johnson Armacell, Inc.