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Taking a Quality Management System to the Next Level with TVMDL

The Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL) built a Quality Management System (QMS) based on multiple Microsoft Access databases which were supported by Microsoft Excel pivot tables and reports. As the volume of data grew larger and report requests became more complex, the databases were in danger of becoming corrupt; therefore TVMDL sought a comprehensive, easy-to-use compliance management system. Industry-leading vendors were evaluated, and Qualtrax was chosen based on customized system flexibility and functionality.

System Optimization

With the new compliance management system from Qualtrax, QMS and compliance management efficiency and accuracy have increased with TVMDL. Considering the volume of documents and processes managed through the QMS, making the shift from the Access databases to Qualtrax was a large project. Qualtrax allows for flexible onboarding and the option to transition in stages which has made the process manageable. TVMDL now manages document control, employee testing of procedures and processes through an automated, traceable software solution.

Simplify Standards Managment

A new employee, for example, is assigned required training and testing based upon their position within the organization, and within Qualtrax he or she takes tests which are then tracked and documented to completion.

This functionality facilitates compliance as the system documents staff acknowledgement that processes are understood and followed. Related to this seamless functionality, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are linked to training and a document trail is stored in Qualtrax. Another time saving automated workflow allows easy transfer of document management and responsibility when there are changes in responsibilities or staffing such as a departmental transfer or someone leaves the agency. As this occurs, all documents managed by the individual are listed and reassignments can be processed automatically, avoiding the need to update each document individually.

Workflows for Increased Efficiency

Additional workflows that have been implemented include Internal Audits, Client Feedback, Corrective /Preventive Action Requests, Management Review Action Items, Requests to Add or Retire Tests, and Requests to Add or Retire Equipment.

Fostering a Culture of Quality

Qualtrax has been a game changer for TVMDL, taking their quality program to new levels. Quality Assurance staff experience efficiencies allowing them to focus on value added activities versus manual management of documents and process adherence. Managers now have the capability to pull reports relevant to their processes and lead accountability efficiently. Audit preparation and reporting time is at an all-time low as the associated workflow can be accessed utilizing a tablet, allowing for data collection directly into the report. Finally, the overall quality of managing compliance through the QMS is optimized and owned by the entire lab, enhancing the quality-focused culture throughout.

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