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About this Webinar

For the foreseeable future, environmental labs will face increasing compliance challenges as Covid related regulations mean more employees working from home, or physically separated within the lab than ever before. New requirements in the industry will also increase organizations’ workloads, especially when it comes to demonstrating that they’re complying with the standards and policies they’ve put in place.

Process Automation is the fastest way to improve, organize, and streamline laboratory practices by automating as many paper-based tasks as possible. All of this contributes to creating a culture of quality where reporting issues, even the smallest, are encouraged.


  • Attendees will learn different ways to think about the processes they already have in place;
  • They’ll also learn how they can transform these manual processes into a fully automated process;
  • Lastly, we will learn how to transform key concepts in laboratory quality management like; audits, nonconformance reports, and corrective action reports, and turn them into automated processes that reduce workload and relieve stress.


Tim Akin | Solutions Engineer @ Qualtrax, Inc.

Tim is a former forensic chemist who has worked for two different laboratories that used Qualtrax. He joined the Qualtrax team in 2017 as a Software Trainer, and now works as a Solutions Engineer helping prospective customers identify creative solutions for their compliance needs.

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