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When the ISO/IEC 17025 standard was revised in 2017, it introduced a new risk and opportunity based philosophy that is found in the current version of ISO 9001.

A major impact of this change can be seen in the language found in section 7.7 where it addresses how, through a more performance-based approach, your laboratory must act in order to ensure that your testing results are valid and reliable.


  • Processes in ISO/IEC 17025 are designed to minimize risk related exposure
  • Additional statistically-based actions are required to demonstrate methods are in control
  • Differences between proficiency testing, interlaboratory and interlaboratory comparisons
  • Ongoing monitoring plans must be defined and continuously updated
  • Data from monitoring activities must be used to control, and improve, the laboratory’s activities.


Roger Brauninger | Instructor / Technical Trainer @ A2LA WPT

Roger Brauninger currently serves as the Technical Training Consultant at A2LA WorkPlace Training, where he provides technical training and consulting, primarily for organizations involved in the life sciences. From 1999 until 2018 he was the Biosafety Program Manager at A2LA, where he focused on developing and maintaining accreditation programs in the life sciences, with emphasis on microbial and chemical risks to people, animals, and the environment. At A2LA he was the primary authority for organizations working with food and drug safety, human and animal anti-doping, biological and chemical threat agents, and – since 2014 – issues related to cannabis testing. Mr. Brauninger has conducted numerous management system assessments to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020, and has evaluated other assessors in this role. He also maintains recognition as an APAC and IAAC peer evaluator.

Karen Arrivillaga | Account Executive @ Qualtrax

Karen has been with Qualtrax since 2015 with a focus in the laboratory space and is passionate about finding the best ways to use software to manage accreditation, simplify compliance, and inspire a culture of quality. She’s a proud member of the Qualtrax internal audit team, and helped transition to ISO/IEC 9001:2015. Over the last 5 years, her focus has been on helping laboratories understand how automation software can make a difference in achieving and maintaining TNI and ISO/IEC 17025 compliance

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