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About this Webinar

In our second episode of Quarantined with Qualtrax, we are bringing together industry experts to share the best practices they’ve discovered in adjusting to a remote-working environment.

Join us for a roundtable chat with Shelley Webster, from El Cajon Crime Lab, Shane Hager, from VPT, inc., and Kelli Lewis, from the U.S. Secret Service. They will discuss how they are utilizing technology to help their teams be effective, managing staff remotely, and ensuring access to critical information throughout their organizations.


  • Remote workplace best practices
  • How to manage staff remotely
  • Using technology to maintain team efficiency
  • Ensuring access to critical information organization-wide.


Shelley Webster | Crime Lab Manager @ El Cajon Police Department

Shelley Webster has been a Criminalist since 1999. She worked at the Sheriff’s Dept. as a Criminalist in the Forensic Biology Unit until 2017. At the Sheriff’s Department, she has worked thousands of cases and testified over 100 times, including many of San Diego’s high profile cases. She was also the CODIS Administrator from 2010 to 2017. In 2017, she joined the El Cajon Police Department as the Crime Lab Director, Quality Assurance Manager, and Property Room Manager. In this role, she has adopted ways to improve and streamline processes, including implementing Qualtrax as a key component in her Quality Management system.

Shane Hager | Quality Assurance Manager @ VPT Inc.

Shane Hager is a Quality Assurance Professional with over 20 years experience in Hi-Rel Electronics Assembly design and manufacturing.

Kelli Lewis | Laboratory Director @ U.S. Secret Service

Kelli Lewis serves as the Laboratory Director of the Forensic Services Division at the United States Secret Service located in Washington, DC. In this role since April 2017, Ms. Lewis is responsible for the administration and oversight of forensic science casework and research activities including questioned documents; fingerprints; DNA; and instrumental and chemical analyses to support both protective and financial fraud missions. Prior to joining the Secret Service in July 2016, Ms. Lewis was employed at Bode Technology, a private DNA laboratory in Lorton, VA, from 2004 to 2016 and gained extensive experience in the field of forensic molecular biology, DNA casework and management. Ms. Lewis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Oregon State University and a Master of Forensic Sciences with a concentration in Forensic Molecular Biology from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Amy Ankrum | President & CEO @ Qualtrax

Amy Ankrum is President & CEO of Qualtrax. Amy and her team are most happy when challenging the status quo and helping better our world in the process. Amy has led Qualtrax since 2011, with a focus on creating an organization that embraces a results-oriented approach to culture to drive continuous improvement and boasts 95%+ customer retention rates. Amy is a graduate of Virginia Tech and proud to be growing the Qualtrax business in Blacksburg, VA.

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