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Qualtrax and The Power of Process Automation

Organizations can eliminate administrative bottlenecks, enhance efficiencies and create better visibility through the use of automated processes, also referred to as workflows.

Every organization has business processes, but when those processes are performed manually, they can quickly become a drain on time and resources. That’s where process automation comes in. Digitizing previous paper-based and manual processes through workflows supports quality and compliance in a number of ways, including ensuring consistent and reportable completion of tasks and minimizing the risk of human error.

In this presentation, demos of workflows and various use-cases for the application of process automation are shown.

About the Presenters

Brenda Jackson is the Quality Assurance Administrator for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA&CS). She most recently served as the NCDA&CS Food and Drug Protection Division Interim Lab Manager from 2016-2018. Prior to that she was the Quality Systems Manager there from 2009-2016. She joined the laboratory in 2007 as a Quality Assurance Specialist and was part of the team charged with implementing an ISO 17025-compliant quality management system. The laboratory, which tests human and animal food for pesticide residues, label claims, contaminants, and pathogens, received accreditation to ISO 17025 in 2010. Brenda served as the state lead for the FDA’s Partnership for Food Protection Laboratory Accreditation working group and was a member of the AAFCO working group that revised the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Guidelines for Feed Testing Labs for the 2014 edition. Brenda serves on the Accreditation Council for one of the accrediting bodies and is an American Society for Quality Certified Quality Auditor. Prior to joining NCDA&CS Brenda worked in private industry and academia. She has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in chemistry from Virginia Tech.


Karen Arrivillaga has been with Qualtrax since 2015, with a focus in the laboratory space. Karen has more than six years of experience selling technology solutions and is passionate about finding the best ways to use software to manage accreditation, simplify compliance, and inspire a culture of quality. She’s a proud member of the Qualtrax internal audit team, which recently assisted with our transition to ISO/IEC 9001:2015. Karen graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s in Consumer Economics.


About Qualtrax

Qualtrax is a compliance software solution that manages documents, processes, training and accreditations. Virtually any process can be automated in Qualtrax, enabling businesses to increase efficiency, minimize time and resource spend, reduce risk, and consistently manage processes across their entire organization.

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