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Data Integrity: What is it, what are the common pitfalls, and how do we avoid them?


Data Integrity is one of the hottest industry topics. This presentation will briefly define Data Integrity (ALCOA), review recent DI pitfalls based on the latest enforcement trends, and identify successful strategies and software (Document management) that companies are using to assure Data Integrity and improve efficiency. The intended audience is anyone who wants to know the latest information and assurance strategies for Data Integrity, as well as those who want to leverage their regulatory-driven DI investment to also deliver significantly improved business efficiency.


Mr. Brawner has over 18 years of experience working with drug and medical device companies within the Biopharmaceutical Industry. As a Lean/6 Sigma Black Belt with experience holding various roles within Quality, Engineering, Automation, IT, Manufacturing, and Organizational Excellence, Matt strives to deliver innovative and high-value quality solutions. Matt was most recently recognized for his leadership in a successful regulatory action remediation, as well as consolidating quality systems (QMS) following a merger between two global companies. Matt attributes his success to the capable teams with which he has worked. He is currently a Director with Sequence Inc. based out of Morrisville, NC.

Categories: Audits, Compliance Management, Process Management, Quality Managers