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Qualtrax has served customers in heavily regulated industries for over 20 years. Our economical solution helps to streamline and maintain the evidence of compliance associated with NERC CIP and Reliability Standards. With Qualtrax, all your documents, processes and procedures, and training records are organized in a standards based audit format in order to reduce your audit prep time and easily access evidence. Our preconfigured solution provides automation and organization so you can be confident in your compliance.

We are ISO 9001:2008 accredited, so we understand the amount of work needed for audit prep and the evidence required to prove performance driven standards.

Qualtrax includes distinct sections:

Document Control, Business Processes/Configuration Change Management, Testing and Training, Reports, RSAW Alignment and Creation

Document Control Functionality:
Qualtrax provides complete control for documentation

Qualtrax distributes documents through electronic versioning, tracking, and approving.

Automated email notifications remind you of all tasks and notify you for escalation of assigned tasks.

NERC CIP and Reliability Standards requirements are added for compliance through standards-based auditing. Standards based auditing associates requirements, RSAWS and evidence with the specific standards to identify any gaps.

Users have unlimited document and workflow viewing without requiring licensing.

Easily find documents that you need in one central location through quick advanced and Boolean based searching.

Unlimited documents can be created and maintained for all areas within your organization.

Data retention permissions and compliance can be configured based on your retention policies.

Update headers and footers in Word and Excel in your documents with a few clicks.

Workflow Functionality:
Workflows automate your processes.

Automated workflows make routine processes more efficient and increase visibility in your organization.

Qualtrax routes information through each step of your process via automated email notifications and reminders.

Enhance visibility and increase ability to search and report on your processes.

Unlimited workflows and unlimited access for your whole organization; such as, self-certification and change control.

Workflows are easily created by users of your system within our solution.

Qualtrax embeds your NERC CIP and Reliability requirements to ensure compliance through standards-based auditing. Standards based auditing associates a workflow with the specific standard and you are able to identify corrective actions/preventive actions, etc., that relate to the standard to show audit trails for your processes.

Automate RSAW Creation with output and ability to download supporting documents for regional entity submittal.

Testing and Training Records:
Testing and training records are organized and easily accessible in Qualtrax.

Tests can be automatically pushed to new employees to assist with their on-board training.

Qualtrax distributes tests electronically with automated email notifications, reminders, and escalation for all assigned tasks.

Training tasks can be created in Qualtrax to record the completion of required or optional training.

Training tasks can be routed to an employee’s manager to verify completion of the training.

Training tasks can be held for a period of time and sent to a verifying manager to ensure that the training was effective and that the employee is competent to perform those duties.

Qualtrax includes a suite of system reports out of the box. Your employees have the ability to create custom reports coinciding with the core functionality of documents, workflows, tests, and trainings. Reports can also be automatically generated.

Some of the system reports are:  Master Document List, Documents by Standards (Gap Analysis Report), Document Activity, Inbox Statuses by Personnel, Testing results by Document, Training Matrix

Hosting Qualtrax
Qualtrax offers an on-premise installation that provides you with the ability to control all aspects of hardware and software related to Qualtrax. Our services and support teams work closely with you to successfully deploy and maintain Qualtrax.

Qualtrax also offers a hosted version for those who want a turn-key, scalable, worry-free maintained solution.

Compliance management can be difficult, but you can be confident in your compliance with either an on-premise or hosted solution.

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