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Compliance is important – we all know that. But streamlining and managing your accreditations and audits can be tedious.

Now more than ever, companies around the world are feeling the pressure of safety and compliance mandates. Compliance is no longer the sole responsibility of a quality department – these pressures are felt across several departments in your organization.

So what do we do now?
Nicole Duffy is here to help us. She has worked for the Rhode Island State Health Laboratories for almost 12 years, 4 years of that as Quality Assurance Officer of the environmental and forensic sections. Before becoming Quality Assurance Officer, Nicole worked in the environmental lead, organic chemistry and toxicology laboratories at the Rhode Island State Health Laboratories.  Before going to Rhode Island, Nicole worked for 5 years in private environmental laboratories. The views and opinions expressed in this webinar are those of the presenter and not necessarily those of the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Categories: Public Health, Testing Labs