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This workshop is hosted by ANAB and Qualtrax and discusses the top 10 non-conformities for ISO 17025 and how to manage those non-conformities for a more successful audit and manageable workload using only the best compliance software practices.

ANAB is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides accreditation services to public- and private-sector organizations and is jointly owned by the American National Standards Institute and the American Society for Quality.

Pat Bencivenga is speaking for ANAB. Pat has been with ANAB since 2008 and serves as a forensics accreditation manager for both testing and inspection. Her main duties include the operational responsibility for the forensic accreditation program. This includes developing program documentation and technical requirements, reviewing CARs, PTs and scope documents from our laboratories as well as maintaining our assessors, responding to clients’ requests and conducting assessments.

Qualtrax is a compliance management software that helps ease the burden of compliance for forensic laboratories and other industries. Qualtrax helps companies and organizations compliance through document management, standards-based auditing, reporting, employee training and business process automation.

Juliann Poff is speaking on behalf of Qualtrax. Juliann Poff serves Qualtrax in the role of Senior Global Sales Executive. She is responsible for helping the sales department both domestically and expanding Qualtrax internationally.  Juliann serves on our internal auditing team and has been a document control administrator at a Fortune 500 manufacturing company.

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