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What do you do with all that data? A somewhat rhetorical question that is on the minds of a variety of professionals across industries ranging from manufacturing to medical examiner’s offices and environmental testing labs to energy in order to optimize quality assurance. The need to quickly access data in a meaningful and actionable way transcends industries.

Our product was built so that there is ease of access to reporting. We know this core functionality must exist to make it comprehensive and a true solution to the compliance burdens faced by our customers. From delivering reports directly to your inbox, streamlining audits, and powerful processes that can be reported on, we add efficiencies and visibility to our customers’ organizations.

Delivered Data

For some, there is consistent data needed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis that helps assess business analytics. Rather than taking time to log into a system to manually pull reports, it is more ideal to have those reports automatically delivered to your inbox. One of our manufacturing customers, Shane Hager with VPT, sees the value in this feature. “I’m scheduling automatic reports for various departments who have started to consistently request reports from me,” he shared. Rather than pausing his work day to pull that information, he lets Qualtrax do the heavy lifting for him. Shane said, “I’m starting to generate these reports to be automatically scheduled and delivered to their inbox. The more efficient and organized I can be, using tools like Qualtrax, the better my days go.”

Easier Audits

Accreditation efforts are under particular scrutiny when audits or accreditations occur. The heat gets turned up as assessors come on site and begin to evaluate and critique quality assurance systems and processes. Knowing this is an especially stressful time makes us eager to provide solutions. When you are hosted, you can grant access to reports in advance, thereby streamlining the audit process, as one of our customers has experienced first hand.

David Chun with Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory said, “I know what (auditors) are looking for, so I can set their permissions to view which folders or reports they need to look at to do their job in assessing us. It is very intuitive.” This means that prior to even setting foot within the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, auditors can begin their paper audit and can get a head start on their on-site portion. Through permissions settings they are only granted access to relevant reports and the amount of paper and print-outs required is drastically reduced. We love how our reporting functionality aids the audit process.

Workflow Intel

One of the most powerful features of our product is our workflows. Administrators can turn paper forms into electronic forms and these workflows can be reported on. This is because a workflow becomes a record at the moment it is started. Also, it is not necessary for the workflow to be fully complete for it to be reported on. Our customers find a lot of value in this specific aspect of reporting: many use it for reporting on their corrective action process.

Rather than guessing at how complete a process is, a report can be used to create that visibility. Additionally, reports can be used to help identify bottlenecks within processes and opportunities for improvements.

Austin Water used Qualtrax reporting to assess progress of a larger process within their Qualtrax instance. As they worked through a major validation project, Quality Assurance Officer, Eric Davis, used workflows and reporting. He shared, “We were able to show management that progress was being made. It was also a great way to show boxes checked with negative results, so that corrections could be made and tracked.” Being able to report off of those checklists was really important.”

What’s Next?

Knowing that data surrounds business processes across organizations is one reason we are so excited to share our reporting function with our customers across a variety of industries.

If you do not yet use our product–but know you could benefit from these features, please reach out to us and consider signing up for a live demonstration.

If you are a customer already but know you could be doing so much more with reporting, please also reach out! You can contact your Customer Relationship Manager to get that conversation started or through our contact form.

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