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With the release of 2019.7.0.0, we’ve responded to a request that’s been brought to our attention by several users: the ability to set training expirations based on the date the training is actually completed.

For many of you, this may be where you start popping champagne (after work, of course!), but for those of you who are still trying to wrap your head around the significance of this upgrade, here’s the skinny.

Until now, training expirations were tracked based on the date the training was sent to the user. For example, if you send out a training on January 1, that is set to expire every year, the system would send that training every January 1. Of course, in a perfect world, everyone would drop what they’re doing and knock out that training as soon as the email hits their inbox. However, some employees may put off taking the training because they’re out of the office, engaged in a major project or they just don’t feel like doing it yet.

If an employee doesn’t complete the training until January 10, they are technically trained through that date in the following year. Previously, the system would have re-sent the training to everyone on January 1, regardless of when they had actually completed it.

Having training expire based on completion date will provide a more accurate representation of the exact dates a user is seen as trained for that discipline and area of the organization. Plus, when the training is set to expire, it will now be re-sent at the correct interval, ensuring you are meeting your proper training requirements.

This update now allows you to report on the date training instances expire, including those that expire based on the completion date. This information may be helpful in showing who is properly trained to each discipline and help identify the individuals who have the expertise to assist others. It also makes it easier to demonstrate to an assessor which users have successfully completed their training, helping to meet the organization’s competency requirements.

We always appreciate user feedback and suggestions for how we can continue to improve Qualtrax to help make your life easier. We appreciate you taking the time to share your ideas with us and we love working to support the critical work you do!

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