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The Qualtrax Workflow Launcher is here! Added to the product in 2014 Release 3, Workflow Launcher gives you the capability to automatically initiate one or more Workflow Instances from an existing Workflow.

Now you can have off-shoots of workflows that mirror your processes more accurately. Plus, you don’t have to re-enter information – Workflow Launcher does the data migration for you. Select the same custom fields in both (or all) of your linked workflows to transfer the data from the original workflow into the launched one.

For example, a New Employee Workflow is initiated by Human Resources for Sam on his first day of work at ABC Electronics. Information is entered in the first step, including Sam’s name, work group, email address, and office phone number. At this point, the workflow launches another workflow specific to the IT Department, creating Sam’s network setup and computer login. Sam’s name, work group, email address, and office phone number are populated to this new workflow instance automatically for viewing and editing by the IT Department!

Not only can you automatically generate new instances, but using Workflow Launcher means that you can have workflows running concurrently rather than having to wait until one is completed before the next can begin.

Using the example above, Sam’s supervisor will be working on Step 2 in the original workflow, ensuring Sam gets the correct group assignments in Qualtrax and he starts the appropriate training plan. Because of Workflow Launcher, the IT Department and Sam’s supervisor both have the information they need, and both are able to complete their tasks independent of one another.

Does your organization perform Quality Control checks? If so, use Workflow Launcher to link your Quality Control Workflow to a new instance of a Corrective Action when there is a failure. You can also create a link from your Deviation Workflow to the Quality Control Workflow or even to your Validation Workflow.

Use Workflow Launcher to automatically initiate a Corrective Action Workflow from an Internal Audit Workflow when there has been a finding, or a Customer Complaint Workflow dealing with the quality of your product.

If you haven’t already, upgrade your Qualtrax system to version 2014 R3 and use the easy-to-follow instructions in the Help Guide to create your first launched workflow today!

As always, contact our support staff or post on the support site with questions or comments. And, let us know if you could use some additional services from Qualtrax to save you time!

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