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Susie was born in Phoenix, AZ, attended college in Flagstaff, and currently resides in the beautiful state of Colorado. She intended to become a veterinarian, but was inspired by the field of forensics after working for the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office as a Forensic Autopsy Technician (it had nothing to do with not getting accepted to veterinary school!). She began an exciting career with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) that spanned 11 years and three job titles. She started as an Evidence Technician, responsible for thousands of pieces of evidence and interacting with the law enforcement community, then became a Drug Chemist, testing unknown substances for the presence of illegal drugs, and finally as an Agent in Charge of Training and Development, which included Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Administrator and Qualtrax Administrator.

Susie recently joined Qualtrax as a trainer, and she is excited to assist the forensic community with this incredible product! On a personal note, Susie loves kittens, hiking, backpacking, and reading, she’s great at organizing anything, and she cries when her fish die.

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