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Shane Hager

Shane Hager, Quality Systems Manager for VPT

The strength of our Qualtrax User Conference is found in the strength of the Qualtrax community; both the members of our team and the customers we are privileged to work with. Getting to see our customers, face-to-face, every 18 months at the Qualtrax User Conference is something our entire team looks forward to and gets excited to plan. It allows us to all mutually learn from each other, customers and Qualtrax team members alike.

One customer in particular has been a tremendous champion of ours, and a regular attendee of our User Conference.  Shane Hager, Quality Systems Manager with VPT, has been using our product for the past three years but has been in his position with VPT for a total of 17. Over the course of his career Shane has been exposed to a variety of manual and automated quality systems solutions, so his feedback and perspective is particularly valuable to us.

When reflecting on Qualtrax he said, “It is as creative as you are. The fact that Qualtrax allows you to have the framework of a system but then design it based on the need of your company is a big differentiator.” We love hearing that our product is creating the conditions necessary for Shane to be successful at work and for VPT to be successful as a company.

Not only has Shane been a user of our product for the last three years, he has also been an attendee of our User Conference. Some people may struggle with stealing away for 2 ½ days to be part of this training. For Shane, he sees it as a critical priority.  “It is absolutely worth the time and money to go, simply for the fact that you are going to learn details about things that you may otherwise never learn. You learn so much from the questions and input from the other users,” explained Shane.

We were curious what he learned at his very first User Conference, that has stuck with him ever since. Shane said “From my first User conference I learned not to bind myself by how we have previously done things. Every little detail provides me with fresh ideas for how to improve what I’m already doing.” We love that the User Conference is a jumping off point for increased creativity, flexibility, and proficiency within our product.

Our conference also brings together compliance professionals from across the industries we serve. This diversity amongst disciplines is another strength, in Shane’s opinion. He shared, “Getting to listen and evaluate how other users from other industries are using the system opens up many ideas for me within the manufacturing-quality world.”

Shane raises a great point. The training and education that occurs during the User Conference is excellent and beneficial. That being said, the real power comes when the unique industry perspectives and experience from other conference attendees are interjected into the training. It is truly our amazing customers that take our User Conference to the next level.

We are thankful that Shane is such a champion of our people, our product, and the Qualtrax User Conference. If you were wondering, Shane will be in attendance again this year. Make sure to seek him out, shake his hand, and enjoy talking “shop” with this seasoned quality systems professional.

If you have yet to register to attend….. what are you waiting for?

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