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It began in 2005 and 12 years later we are still going strong. The first Qualtrax User Conference was born from the idea that if we could get our customers together with our team, our product, and each other, we would be able to create increased proficiency within our customer base. We also know that increased proficiency translates to stronger quality assurance systems for our clients and respective companies, thus allowing us to contribute to their success. Wow, who wouldn’t want to do that? The Qualtrax User Conference has become an event we look forward to, with great anticipation.

Qualtrax User Conference - Workshop

“The conference is really built for education, you will walk away a more proficient user of Qualtrax after attending.” – Amy Ankrum, Qualtrax CEO

When reflecting on the big picture view of why we take the time and effort to plan an elaborate conference, our CEO, Amy Ankrum said, “The conference is really built for education, you will walk away a more proficient user of Qualtrax after attending. The user conference is also a unique opportunity to hear from other users directly about how they implement our software.” It is when we all come together, for this focused and face-to-face training that ideas are spread, knowledge is gained, and lasting connections are forged.

The knowledge sharing isn’t a one-way flow of information. It certainly comes from our technical team to our customers but there is also a rich feedback loop. We value hearing from customers about the functionality they seek. Amy shared, “I also love that our team learns as much as our user community. We get to hear more about how Qualtrax is being used, new ways we are helping improve organizations and how we continue to innovate to drive new efficiencies for our customers.”

The conversations, interactions, and training at the Qualtrax User Conference are immediately beneficial to customers. However, there is also a long term, and future focused benefit. Amy explained, “Attendees also get time with our engineering team helping provide feedback on items being considered in our product roadmap and have a big hand in shaping the future of the product.”

70s Theme Qualtrax User Conference

What fun would it be if the conference were all work and no play?

The educational and training benefit of attendance is guaranteed. But what fun would it be if the conference were all work and no play? If you know us at all, you know we are a group that loves to have a good time. In a sense, you could say it is another way our passion for our product, team, and customers manifests itself.  Amy will never forget seeing Qualtrax customers show up to last year’s event dressed in 70’s and 80’s themed attire for the disco party, “We have some very groovy customers,” said Amy.

In the spirit of fun, this year’s conference has been set as Vegas-themed. Amy shared, “I think if you know Qualtrax, you know we believe you should really love what you do, which includes having fun while working hard. Vegas certainly is known for fun and big wins, I think we have both in store for our attendees this year.”

“While the planning for the upcoming 2017 Qualtrax User Conference is well under way, there is still time to influence the agenda,” said Amy. If you have a topic you would love to learn more about, make sure to share it with us ( We are also still actively taking registrations for this upcoming event.  Make sure to sign up and join us for the “Fabulous Qualtrax User’s Conference.”

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