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As part of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, we recently did an evaluation of our hosting vendor and other competitors. As a result, we decided to move to Microsoft Azure!

Azure offers a larger feature set, which allow us to provide a better hosting environment to our customers. Security is very important for our clients to be comfortable sharing information outside of their network. Azure better meets these needs through additional security certifications, including FedRAMP. FedRAMP is a standard for cloud services used by government agencies; a FedRAMP certified cloud system is guaranteed to be secure, standardized, and simplified.

Qualtrax Moves to Azure

Our Chief Technology Officer, Elliott Fouts, is excited to see the value that implementing Azure will bring to our customers. “Azure offers a larger feature set, which allows us to provide a better hosting environment for our customers. Security is important when sharing information outside your network, Azure better meets these needs.”

Among the hundreds of new features, we are particularly interested in platform services for user directories, databases, and containers. Today, these technologies are being self-hosted by our engineers on cloud infrastructure. Platform services will enable our engineers to spend more time on Qualtrax and less time on the technologies that Qualtrax depends on.

As we continue to scale our hosted offering, we’re excited that Azure aligns with our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. It’s that alignment that will help continue making our hosted service a success for everyone and most importantly our customers.

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