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This week, Nicole Duffy with the Rhode Island State Health Laboratories held a joint webinar with us to show off her beautiful Qualtrax system. Nicole is the Quality Assurance Officer at Rhode Island for approximately one dozen different labs including environmental and forensics sections.

Nicole made the move to Qualtrax after using a combination of papers, files and electronic systems. Since then, she has been able to transition all of her labs to our software. And let me tell you, her system looks fantastic! Everything is coordinated and organized. She can find almost any document in seconds, and if not she is able to search for it quickly and easily.

Compliance is important. We all know that – you, me, Nicole – but streamlining and managing your accreditations and audits can be tedious.

Nicole and the Rhode Island State Health Laboratories found a system that works for them by using our software, staying organized and always putting quality first.

(or, watch the full workshop on YouTube)

The views and opinions expressed in this webinar are those of the presenter and not necessarily those of the Rhode Island Department of Health.

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