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Qualtrax has a brand new Style Guide!

With the expansion of the marketing department, we decided it was the perfect time to create a style guide to make sure that we producing consistent messages across all departments – from sales to services to product. While this is a useful tool to our company, it will also impact our customers. How?


We love our customers – it’s as simple as that. We want every last item that we create for our customers to be useful, digestible and visually appealing. We want to help you improve your quality and compliance and utilize our product in the very best way. The style guide leads us in that direction and helps us define our company’s voice.


We might be a small company, but we have several departments. We meet each day to discuss what we are all doing, but we might not always discuss the small details of our branding. The style guide acts as a reference to make sure that each department creates content that has the same feel.


Our company is full of collaboration. We all love to hear about each other’s accomplishments and setbacks, and help in any way that we can. The style guide is an example of this collaboration. Everyone had a hand in defining what went into it and asking questions or making comments during the process.


The creation of the style guide gave us an opportunity to ask ourselves “Why do we do what we do?” and “Is this the best way?”. This process allowed us to make updates and improvements to everything that we produce and show our customers that these improvements are company-wide.

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