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We are fortunate to have awesome customers like the New Hampshire Public Health Laboratory! This blog was written by Jill Power, the Quality Coordinator at NHPHL:

New Hampshire Public Health Laboratories has implemented Qualtrax to streamline and manage our documents and testing & training records.

Our lab has moved to a LEAN environment in our sample receiving areas for specimens, in our all-hazard receipt of white powders & suspicious packages and in other projects using LEAN tools. We continue to improve our internal lab practices and processes and are currently doing a 5S project with our documents. We are using the Document Management in Qualtrax to consolidate procedures and policies, and standardize document and form templates. Qualtrax will assist us with the ability to quickly import documents, attach appropriate regulatory standards and have them all in one “go to” location. LEANFor NH, by housing our documents in one location, we will be able to keep them up to date and readily available to all staff. We determined that Qualtrax was the best solution for us as it has allowed us to continue down the path of becoming a LEAN Laboratory.

For now we are focused on managing our documents; however, we do have future plans for the other key features in Qualtrax. We recognize the importance of streamlining our processes, like Corrective Actions and Response for Critical Incidents to assure measurable and reportable processes. Having the ability to know where our corrective actions are each step of the way is instrumental in improvement of our laboratory. We will use the training module available to initiate and maintain staff competency. This will assure that each employee has received the proper training for new policies, technical procedures or for use in mandatory training such as safety, ethics, etc. It is our goal that by using Qualtrax we will continue to improve the quality of health and laboratory services in both the public and private sectors in New Hampshire.

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