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Qualtrax is excited to announce our newest software version: 2013 Release 2. Major enhancements to the system’s User Interface and a new Header Footer Updater tool are included in this release. These additions, along with many additional benefits, focus on improving your user experience and making the Qualtrax system as streamlined as possible.

In addition to releasing the exciting changes in the software, we’ve also changed how software versions are named.

This change was made for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is to improve the previous numbering scheme. With our recent shift to providing smaller, more frequent releases, we need needed a naming scheme that signaled incremental changes to the product, rather than infrequent, massive overhauls.

Therefore, to have our releases signify something to you but also to retain a numbering scheme that tells our Services Team what version you’re on, we’re making the following change:

All new releases will be communicated as: Qualtrax 2013 Release (R)2… 2013 R3… 2014 R1… and so on.
For support reasons, we will still retain a basic 2-number numbering scheme: 5.0, 6.0, 7.0…  This can be found in your Qualtrax system on the About page, in addition to the Year: Release name information.

This change echoes how other software companies like Microsoft also name their product releases. And since this latest release is technically the second of 2013, it’s called 2013 R2. Please visit for more information about what 2013 R2 includes.

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