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Each quarter, Qualtrax employees sign up to be members of one or more teams with specific goals for that quarter.

As we close up Q2, we are celebrating meeting and exceeding the goals of one of our teams.

To celebrate, we enjoyed Wicked Taco for lunch (YUM!), and then toured the new facility of an awesome local customer: Polymer Solutions, Inc. (PSI).

As we toured Polymer Solution’s new home, we learned about how they make personal touches to serve their customers. They pay very close attention to detail and help their customers make better products, solve problems, and in some cases, save lives.

That strikes home to us at Qualtrax. We make awesome software to help our customers make a difference.

Today, we are thankful for completed goals, Wicked Tacos, and customers that have a positive influence on people’s lives and their community.

Categories: Community, Culture, Testing Labs

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