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I have had the privilege of working with Barb Wert who is a part of our accounting Team. Barb works for our parent company, CCS, as its inventory accounts payable administrator, but I know Barb best by the efforts she’s put forward on our “Green Team” efforts. Barb is passionate about environmental stewardship, and she really shows that through where she spends her time and effort. In fact, last year we planted a company garden for the first year ever – talk about a nice break from the day to day. Just about every day I got to go out into the sunshine, water the garden, and pick fresh herbs and veggies to share with the team. Mmmmm….there is no substitute for a tomato fresh out of the garden. There just isn’t.

Anyway, I digress. Where was I? Barb is passionate about environmental stewardship! So, she recently developed an internal environmental policy that explains our commitment to making strides toward reducing our company’s negative impacts on the environment. An example, you say? We’ve removed (almost) all Styrofoam cups from our kitchen. (We keep some on hand for visitors to use), and we bought some awesome ceramic mugs with that glorious Qualtrax “Q” on them for our employees to use…and reuse, and reuse! Hey, one step at a time….

To read more about the environmental policy details around our green team, check out CCS’ blog ( Thanks for all you do, Barb!!!

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