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Make Training Easier and Faster

You can set up tests and trainings with minimal effort and associate them with documents. This lets employees to access the right document within the training. Employees can also upload certificates or other documents to a training when necessary, minimizing paper.

Assign Role-based Trainings Across Your Organization

Trainings can be scheduled based on roles so everyone stays up-to-date on the training that matters. Employees are automatically alerted when a training is due, and managers are alerted when a training has been completed or when a sign-off is required.

Gain Visibility and Insight Into Performance

Employees and managers can track training progress through Qualtrax. Managers can check to see if a training was passed and the quality of the training performance before signing off.

Access Real-time Training Data

Check out our Training Matrix to see real-time, visual data on the status of all assigned trainings. This gives you a quick glimpse of training completion progress.

Prove Employee Effectiveness With Reports

Generate reports on tests and trainings in Qualtrax. These reports can be scheduled, delivered to your inbox and exported to show the effectiveness of your employees.