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Increase Efficiency and Maximize Time and Resources by Automating Your Processes

Automate virtually any process in Qualtrax as a workflow, whether it is a Corrective Action, accident report, incident management or any other paper that gets passed around the office. This workflow will then move automatically from person to person until all responsible parties have done their part.

Gain Visibility of Processes Including Gaps and Bottlenecks

Easily see what a process looks like, who is involved, and how it is moving across the organization. This enables you to track progress and identify any major or minor roadblocks. In addition, an escalation process is available to ensure processes are progressing in a timely manner.

Embrace Flexibility Through Tools and Best in Class Pre-Populated Workflows

Process management is incredibly flexible at meeting the individual needs of your organization. We’ve developed best in class pre-populated workflows for the industries we serve to streamline your implementation and provide instant value:


  1. Corrective Action Report
  2. Internal Audit
  3. Management Review
  4. Supplier/Vendor Evaluation & Approval
  5. Customer Complaints

Forensic Labs & Testing Labs

  1. Corrective Action Report
  2. Internal Audit
  3. Validation
  4. Vendor Approval
  5. Proficiency Testing

Medical Examiners

  1. Corrective Action Report
  2. Internal Audit
  3. Management Review
  4. Death Certificate
  5. Personal Effects Tracking

Make changes to the pre-populated workflows to better fit the needs of your organization or use our Workflow Designer to build an entirely new workflow from scratch. Configure one workflow (such as the Internal Audit) to initiate another (CAR) automatically.

Run Reports on Active and Past Processes

Run reports on workflows in progress as well as completed workflows. Generate reports by standards, audit type, date ranges, and status. These can be scheduled and delivered right to you or groups within your organization when you need them.

Encourage a Culture of Quality and Improvement

All current and completed workflows are stored in your Qualtrax system for reference. Use reports to get visibility of certain parts of a process. These can be used to analyze trends and problems areas to improve the overall quality of your organization.