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To better deliver on our purpose of helping make organizations successful and reducing the accreditation burden, integrations with other systems in your environment significantly reduce duplicate data entry, remove risk, and generally eliminate manual steps from key processes.

Active Directory

Configure Qualtrax to allow users to authenticate their login credentials (UserID and Password) against one or more domains using Active Directory, or LDAP. This means users don’t have to remember different passwords for Qualtrax than their Windows accounts. When enabled, users may also auto-enroll their Windows account into the Qualtrax system the first time they visit the website, significantly reducing administrator overhead to set them up.


Qualtrax can pull real-time values from other data sources, like ERP systems, to be used when filling out critical workflow processes. This means you don’t have to maintain duplicate sets of data and only update one location when necessary—your ERP system.


Notifications can be configured to use your business’s Email Client, typically Exchange, and securely send alerts to users when new tasks are assigned, when items are approaching a due date, when they’re late, or (perish the thought) when it’s super late and management needs to be notified. Key information from the process is typically included in these emails, saving users from necessarily having to log in to the system.

MS Office

We provide all of our customers several powerful tools integrating the system with key features in MS Word and Excel. To ensure the requirements of your standards are included and up to date in each revision of a document, we automate variables (typically found in the header or footer) for things like Published Date, Revision #, Approvers, and many more. Furthermore, configure a Template for each type of controlled document (i.e. Form, Procedure, Policy) and push the header, footer, and all variables to any number of existing documents in your system to save hours of time updating them and ensure consistency.

Network Storage & Custom Websites

Need the controlled documents maintained in Qualtrax pushed to other locations on your network or even for use on your website? No prob. We handle that through our Replications feature which pushes only the current published versions from branches of your document tree to the desired location. We also allow for hyperlinks to be created directly to those same documents, allowing them to be downloaded without going through the Qualtrax website.