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Maintain Up-to-Date Data Across Your Organization

Only the most current version of a document is visible in Qualtrax, ensuring that everyone in your organization sees the same information. Documents can be tied together so that when one document is up for edit, the other one is too. Use our templates features to drive consistency between types of documents (policies, procedures, forms, etc.). And anytime a document is updated, a test can be sent to make sure all employees have read and understood the changes.

Manage Compliance with Role-based Actions

Use role-based assignments to dictate view and edit access, as well as who reviews and approves new revisions. Configure access at a folder level or uniquely per document. Qualtrax automatically alerts the appropriate staff at each step, ensuring timely responses. Ensure new hire and ongoing training and awareness are managed by role as well.

Easily Find the Documents That You Need In a Central Location

Move past shared drives and disparate repositories. Reduce the risk of rogue local copies. Instead, rally everyone around Qualtrax’s intuitive web-based repository. Layout a folder tree structure that conform to your organization’s makeup and work needs. Create multiple folder locations for a single document, where one edit updates all locations. Quick and advanced search options let anyone find what they need based on key word or phrase.

Set Up In a Breeze

Quickly mass import all of your existing documents, in any file format. Let Qualtrax drive consistency by creating templates for how your documents should look, including automated variables for critical information (like published date, revision #, and editor) as well as any corporate styling. Use our Header Footer Updater tool to apply these templates to your newly imported documents in just a few clicks. Set a review frequency to ensure documents are up to date going forward. Then sit back and watch Qualtrax go.

Work With Rich Features That Serve You

Qualtrax offers many amazing features to make document management even easier. Automatically generate PDFs for most file formats during the edit process, with hyperlinking capabilities to specific sections of PDFs letting users go where they need to quickly rather than just the first page. Create custom fields for your folders and documents to improve categorization, searching and reporting based on your needs. Set read-only access, replicate branches of your tree to public websites, or grant restricted 3rd party access for your customers,auditors, and suppliers, to make the system add even more value. And much much more.