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Centralize Your Organization’s Audit Data with Qualtrax Certification Management

Store your files in one web-based system so that finding data important to your audit is just a few clicks away and accessible when you need it. Eliminate re-work by using our unique tools that allow you to efficiently import existing data, make it uniform based on templates you configure, and roll it out consistently to all your staff.

Ensure Compliance with Standards

Use compliance standards as a guidepost for your Quality Management System in new, more productive ways. Through our unique feature set, you can quickly import all necessary standards into the system and tie your documents and processes to each specific requirement. Create hyperlinks in your Quality Manual directly to specific sections (not just page one) of relevant documents so auditors know exactly where to go. In other words, integrate each standard with its corresponding artifact and see any gaps at a glance prior to an internal or external audit.

Reduce Audit Prep Time

Using Qualtrax’s unique overall feature set, audit prep time goes down significantly (for many customers to none at all). Use an out of the box Internal Audit workflow, or customize your own, to calibrate your quality management system. Automatically launch corrective and preventative actions when needed to close nonconformities. And align policies and procedures to role-based requirements for on-going system management. And in no time, build an air-tight, well-oiled compliance machine.

Reduce Risk Across Your Organization

Take a process-based approach to risk management by actually seeing your processes in action. Qualtrax’s workflow module takes what you do from the whiteboard to the web, reducing uncertainty with required inputs and role-based ownership at each step. It includes full auditability of each instance, employee sign-offs, and automated alerts. Launch child processes when necessary to add even more accountability. Use Qualtrax as a tool to implement a variety of validation and risk management processes.

Get Reports Delivered Right To You

Use our popular out of the box reports to get key information quickly, or customize your own for yourself or others in your organization to get more tailored outputs. Report against all modules, set a frequency for them to be run automatically, and even have them emailed to your boss. Use them to increase efficiency, measure compliance gaps, or manage your training program. They’re super powerful, but with just the right amount of configurability. Everyone needs them, and we make them a no brainer.